Mens Vitality Formula

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Product Description

Men's vitality formula increases blood flow and promotes staying power, improving sexual performance.  This formula will improve your energy and recovery, the ingredients are known to boost testosterone levels and increase libido.  This supplement is able to stand out from its competitors, because the proprietary blend was developed based on scientific studies that proved these ingredients are extremely effective when combined.*

Each tablet contains:

25 mg of Zinc: it is a key mineral that is improtant for immune function, DNA and protein production, and cell division. It also enables the male body to produce testosterone. Because of this, your levels of zinc may affect erectile dysfunction.*

250 mg of Tongkat Ali Root Powder: also known as Long Jack, well known and documented to increase testosterone and used for centuries in Asia to improve erectile dysfunction and increase libido.*

125 mg of Maca Root: known to increase libido, support testosterone production, help with erectile dysfunction.  Also known to boost energy and stamina as well as concentration and memory.*

250 mg of L-Arginine HCL: the HCL makes it better absorbed, L-Arginine turns into nitric oxide which causes blood vessels to open wider benefitting your heart and helping with erectile dysfunction.*

33.75 mg of Panax Ginseng Root: referred to as the "true ginseng" and not to be confused with American Ginseng or Siberian Ginseng.  It is known to boost athletic performance, amy help with erectile dysfunction and cognition.*

33.75 mg of Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root: also known as Siberean Ginseng, improves athletic performance, reduces blood pressure and boost immunity.*

419 mg of the Proprietary Blend consist of:

Sarsaparilla: a potent anti-inflammatory, helps protect the liver and may help psoriasis.*

Pumpkin Seed: traditionally used as an aphrodesiac, high in zinc.*

Muira Puama: used for preventing sexual disorders and increasing libido.*

Oat Straw: reduces inflammation, increases energy and improves sexual performance.*

Nettle Leaf: reduce prostate size, decrease blood pressure.*

Cayenne Pepper: may boost metabolism.*

Astragalus: beneficial for heart health and upper respiratory conditions.*

Catauba Bark: enhances sexual arousal and performance.*

Tribulus Terrestris: enhances libido, may boost testosterone.*

Orchic: made from cattle testicles and supports healthy testicular function.*

Boron: aides building muscle and may boost testosterone.

Oyster Extract: high in zinc which is essential for testosterone production and healthy sperm.*

Licorice: anti-inflammatory useful at reducing reflux and indegestion, improves circulation.*

Certificate of Analysis available upon request. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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